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Regalette Membership


President   Lois J. Buckman
Vice President   Shonte Penland-Abraham, Esq.
Recording Secretary (Interim-Outsourced)   Ginger Campbell
Treasurer (Interim)   Hassena Khan Leonard, MAP
Parliamentarian   Maxine Ransom von Phul
Sgt-At-Arms   Emma Maxey


Associate Members

Chef Marilyn Cole
Charlene Penland


Lifetime Honorary Members

Reve Gipson Parks
Ella Gilbert
Ina Piette-Friesel
Cathy Green
Velma Fortier
Christina Dolor
Rose Jones
Jo Davis
Donna Moore
Bobbie Parks


Honorary Members

Yvonne Bowling
Wilma Coleman
Adella Farmar
Mary Ann Graves


Advisory Board Members

Charisse Bremond-Weaver
Mike Davis
Adrienne Gardner



Gertrude Gipson Penland
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